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Steel Core Trays

Designed by experts to perform in the harshest of environments, Terracor Steel Core Trays are constructed using the highest quality materials and boast a comprehensive set of safety and handling features.

The table below is a list of the complete range of Terracor Steel Core Trays. Click on the product name in the left hand column to view further details about that particular product, including weights and dimensions, in a separate popup window.

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Product Description Metres Stored
(per tray)
WB10D BQ 1m Welded Core Tray 9
WN10D NQ 1m Welded Core Tray 7
WH10D HQ 1m Welded Core Tray 6
WP10D PQ 1m Welded Core Tray 4
PB10D BQ 1m Prefab Core Tray 9
PN10D NQ 1m Prefab Core Tray 7
PH10D HQ 1m Prefab Core Tray 6
PP10D PQ 1m Prefab Core Tray 4
WB15L BQ 1.5m Welded Core Tray Low 15.6
WB15D BQ 1.5m Welded Core Tray 14.04
WN15L NQ 1.5m Welded Core Tray Low 10.92
WN15D NQ 1.5m Welded Core Tray 10.92
WH15D HQ 1.5m Welded Core Tray 9.36
W101(2C) 101 1m Welded Core Tray 2 Channel 2
W69(3C) 69 1m Welded Core Tray 3 Channel 3  
W123(2C) 123 1m Welded Core Tray 2 Channel 2

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